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Social Media Award

Women in Media  

The Women in Media conference is delighted to announce three special Awards, honouring not only the recipient, but the pioneer from whom the award garners its name. These are the Mary Cummins Award for Women of Outstanding Achievement in the Media, and the Joan Kennelly Special Merit Award and the new Social Media Influencer Award.


The Social Media Award  is annually awarded as part of the Women in Media conference.

General Rules & Guidelines for nominations / candidates 2019

  • Candidates should have demonstrated or are continuing to make strides in the area of web based communication / Social - Media  (i.e. Both written and/or video blogs, YouTube, Instagram, twitter, facebook etc.)

  • Candidates who have previously won an award from Women in Media within the last two years are ineligible for nomination. 

Social Media / Influencer


The Social Media / Influencer Award is a new category for 2019 and recognises the new online medium and its impact on directing the course of discussion and its influence on a next generation of media consumers, as well as recognising the new wave of influencers  / personalities delivering that content.

Whether blogging, vlogging, or reaching their audience on platforms such as instagram, twitter, facebook & tumblr etc. The award aims to recognise established or rising influencers who are using their platform to drive conversation and awareness for their particular cause. 

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