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Women in Media  

The Women in Media conference is delighted to announce three special Awards, honouring not only the recipient, but the pioneer from whom the award garners its name. These are the Mary Cummins Award for Women of Outstanding Achievement in the Media, and the Joan Kennelly Special Merit Award and the Social Media Influencer Award.

Mary Cummins


The Mary Cummins Award for Women of Outstanding Achievement in the Media is annually awarded as part of the Women in Media conference. 

Recognising the contributions to forwarding the role Women have played in shaping the landscape of the Media industry in Ireland, the Mary Cummins Award is for all concerned an integral part of the Women in Media conference.

Joan Kennelly


By any standards, Joan Kennelly was an extraordinary woman.  She had not chosen photojournalism as a career, but jumped aboard the media agency formed by her husband Padraig in 1953 and became a pioneer in her time.

The Award recognises the advancements in the fields of Cinematography whether that be in the art of Photography or Camerawork in Film-Making.

Social Media


The Social Media / Influencer Award is a new category for 2019 and recognises the new on-line medium and its impact  in directing the course of discussion and its influence on a next generation of media consumers, as well as recognising the new wave of influencers  / personalities delivering that content.

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